Liverpool v Nottingham Forest 1-2 (League match: November 6, 1897)

November 6, 1897
Quick note: “Liverpool distinguished themselves in a somewhat surprising manner against Nottingham Forest, and, as a consequence, sustained their first defeat at home this season. The Forest have not exactly dazzled the football firmament by their performances thus far, and prior to Saturday’s contest the fixture was looked upon as practically certain to produce another couple of points to the home team’s credit. However, just to accentuate the fact that football is a game prolific in uncertainties, Liverpool were content to add further substantiation to this axiom, and were deservedly beaten by 2 goals to 1.”
(Liverpool Mercury: November 8, 1897)

Match: Football League, First Division, at Anfield, kick-off: 15:00.
Liverpool – Nottingham Forest 1-2 (0-2).
Attendance: 10,000 (5,000 at the start); gate receipts: £227.
Referee: Mr. S. Thomas.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Harry Storer, Matt McQueen, Tom Wilkie, John McCartney (C), John Holmes, Thomas Cleghorn, Robert Marshall, William Walker, Daniel Cunliffe, Andy McCowie, Harry Bradshaw.
Nottingham Forest (2-3-5): Dan Allsopp, Archie Ritchie, Adam Scott, Frank Forman, John McPherson, Willie Wragg, Fred Spencer, Charles Richards, Len Benbow, Arthur Capes, Tom McInnes.
The goals: 0-1 Benbow (40 min.), 0-2 Richards (42 min.), 1-2 Cunliffe (assist: McCartney).

Match reports:
* Liverpool Mercury: “Liverpool v Nottingham Forest”;
* Liverpool Mercury: “Weekly review”;
* Sporting Life: “Liverpool v Nottingham Forest”;

Dan Allsopp, Nottingham Forest (Sporting Life: April 16, 1898).
Archie Ritchie, Nottingham Forest (Sporting Life: April 16, 1898).
Len Benbow, Nottingham Forest (Sporting Life: April 16, 1898).
Charles Richard, Nottingham Forest (Sporting Life: April 16, 1898).

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