Letter from South Africa

November 8, 1897
A very interesting letter was received by Vice President Bryan at a committee meeting of the Arbroath Football Club on Monday last from an old Maroon, David Suttie.

Many will remember the favourite left-winger, and an extract from the letter may prove interesting to the many friends he has left behind him.

He is presently located in the Cape. He had lately been present at a banquet in connection with the Queen’s Park, of which club he is hon. secretary, and a prominent player, and of which his brother, George, is captain. The team also includes another Arbroath man, William Sturrock.

After giving a description of several of the matches played by his team, Mr. Suttie writes: –

“It gives me much pleasure to take up the Herald every week and rea the current news. I think we would miss the Herald more than anything else, and we never miss reading the sporting news. Arbroath must be looking up a bit just now, for what with its Instrumental Band, its Victoria Park, its Kind Provost, its great bowling clubs, its cricket teams and professionals, and not forgetting its football clubs – they must be indeed proud who now live there and I am one who still feels proud – as also do my fellow-townsmen – of the town I used to dwell in.”

It may be mentioned that the Queen’s Park have for several seasons in succession carried off both the senior cups, and have lost only one match during the last two season.
(Source: Arbroath Herald: November 11, 1897)

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