Liverpool v Nottingham Forest

November 8, 1897
Liverpool v Nottingham Forest.
There was not a great attendance of spectators present on Saturday, when play in this match was commenced at three o’clock, on the Anfield Road Ground, at Liverpool. In fact, there were only some 5,000 spectators present, but in the second half this number was doubled. The teams were representative.

The opening exchanges did not favour either team in any marked degree, but warming to their work Liverpool asserted superiority. Bradshaw culminating nice work by a good but ineffective shot at Allsopp’s charge. Cleghorn next made a landable attempt to break the ice, but Scott was on the “qui vive” and headed grandly out of danger. Hands against McCartney was the means of enabling Forest to change hostilities, and Benbow brought Storer on his knees with a grounder.

The Forest were very persistent in their efforts, Benbow being especially prominent. Bradshaw, by a dint of a smart run, improved Liverpool’s prospects, and as a result the Forest goal was severely bombarded. McCowie was afforded a fine opportunity of putting his team in the ascendant, but failed miserably, and profiting by their let off the Forest made matters rather warm for the Liverpool defenders. Play was exciting and even, and close on the interval Benbow scored, Richards quickly following with a second, the home defence being quite non-plussed by the tricky work of the visiting side. At the interval the score stood: Forest two, Liverpool nil.

This score thoroughly disheartened the home supporters, and in response to loud cries of “Play Up,” Liverpool went to work with a will, and twice in rapid succession Allsopp saved finely at full length. Attacks upon the Forest goal were of a determined nature, but good defence prevented scoring. As if disheartened at their want of luck, Liverpool fell back, and for some minutes the Forest had a merry innings.

Marshall and Walker were the means of removing the scene of operations, and from the former’s centre Cunliffe missed a ridiculously easy chance of scoring. McCowie headed through, but offside nullified the point. Pressing desperately, Cunliffe, after missing several fine chances, managed to score Liverpool’s initial goal. End to end play ended in both keepers being kept busy, and the game ended: Forest 2, Liverpool 1.

Liverpool: Harry Storer, Matt McQueen, Tom Wilkie, John McCartney, John Holmes, Thomas Cleghorn, Robert Marshall, William Walker, Daniel Cunliffe, Andy McCowie, Harry Bradshaw.
Nottingham Forest: Dan Allsopp, Archie Ritchie, Adam Scott, Frank Forman, John McPherson, Willie Wragg, Fred Spencer, Charles Richards, Len Benbow, Arthur Capes, Tom McInnes.
(Source: Sporting Life: November 8, 1897)


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