The last chapter in the “Willie Maxwell case”

December 14, 1897
The Directors of the Stoke Football Club have definitely decided to retain the services of Willie Maxwell, and that, so far as they were concerned, the “Maxwell case,” as it has come to be known, is closed. Liverpool have been informed of the Pottery Club’s intention to retain the player, and that all permission to approach him is withdrawn. Maxwell, who returned from Arbroath to Stoke on Monday night, have expressed his sincere sorrow to the managers at the Club for the trouble he has caused them, stating at the same time that it has not been altogether of his own making. He asked to be reinstated in the Stoke team, which he declared he had never really wished to leave, and promised that in the future his employers should have no cause for complaint. The Stoke Directors, after very careful consideration , decided to accept Maxwell’s explanations and to rely upon the sincerity of his promises for future behaviour. The player was training with the rest of the Stoke team yesterday.
(Source: Evening Telegraph: December 15, 1897)

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