The officials for the English Cup

December 29, 1897
The officials for the English Cup ties on the 29th prox. Are now completed, and are as follows, the first named being the referee: –

Sunderland v Sheffield Wednesday, Aaron Scragg (Crewe), F. Hardisty (Middlesbrough) and J.A. McGregor (York);
West Bromwich Albion v New Brighton, Tom Armitt (Leek), H. Spencer (Hucknall) and E. Stanway (Langley Mill);
Southampton St Mary’s v Leicester Fosse, Arthur Kingscott (Derby), B.A. Timbs (Middlesex) and A. Davies (Marlow);
Burnley v Woolwich Arsenal, J. Adams (Birmingham), A.W. Cockerell (Birmingham) and A.G. Burton (Walsall);
Newton Heath v Walsall, F. Bye (Sheffield), A. Green (West Bromwich) and H. Young (Sheffield);
Bury v Stoke, J. Tomlinson (Sheffield), J.J. Cropper (Nottingham), G.B. Capes (Burton);
Long Eaton Rangers v Gainsborough Trinity, T.W.H. Saywell (Chatham), G.H. Basford and W. Johnson (Bulwell);
Luton v Bolton Wanderers, J.T. Tillotson (Birmingham), W. Whittaker (London) and J.A. Lovell (Leicester);
Liverpool v Hucknall St John’s, G.H. Dale (Manchester), F. Townsend (Walsall) and C.E. Sutcliffe (Burnley);
Preston North End v Newcastle United, A.G. Hines (Nottingham), W. Proctor (Nottingham) and A.W. Wallace (Derby);
Manchester City v Wigan, J. Lewis (Blackburn), H.H. Brodie (Wolverhampton) and H. Boldison (Stockton);
Notts County v Wolverhampton Wanderers, Thomas Helme (Farnworth), J.E. Carpenter (Leicester) and W.H. Bellamy (Grimsby);
Nottingham Forest v Grimsby Town, J. Fox (Sheffield), J. Lowles (Derby) and A.C. Brentnall (Riddings);
Sheffield United v Burslem Port Vale, A. Cooper (Durham), F. Style (Wellingborough) and J. Conqueror (Sunderland);
Everton v Blackburn Rovers, J.B. Brodie (Stafford), W. Gilchrist (Manchester) and L.M. Sinclair (Manchester);
Derby County v Aston Villa, A.J. Barker (Hanley), H. Shelton (Nottingham) and W. Heath (Hanley).
(Lancashire Evening Post: December 20, 1897)


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