Sunderland v Liverpool 1-0 (League match: January 22, 1898)

January 22, 1898
Key note: “Liverpool are picking up somewhat. To run Sunderland to a goal on the banks of the Wear is no mean performance, and if the Anfielders can give us a little more of this form the test matches will not have any interest for them. The front rank was completely re-modelled, and not before time either, Becton and Bradshaw once ore forming the left wing, whilst Marshall was again at outside right. Why Becton has been kept out of the team for such a lengthened period is difficult to understand, as he is far and away the cleverest forward in the team. He may not be quite the Becton of old, but still he is good enough for any present day League team.” (Lancashire Evening Post: January 29, 1898)

Match: Football League, First Division, at Newcastle Road, kick-off: 14:30.
Sunderland – Liverpool 1-0 (0-0).
Attendance: 9,000.
Referee: Mr. J. Jefferies.
Sunderland (2-3-5): Ned Doig, Robert McNeill, Peter Boyle, Matthew Ferguson, Sandy McAllister, Billy Dunlop, Hugh Morgan, Jim Leslie, Jock Brown, Hugh Wilson, Jimmy Chalmers.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Harry Storer, Archie Goldie, Billy Dunlop, John McCartney, Joe Mcque, Thomas Cleghorn, Robert Marshall, Andy McCowie, Abe Hartley, Frank Becton, Harry Bradshaw.
The goal: 1-0 Leslie (53 min.).


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