Meeting of the Football Association (February 14, 1898)

February 14, 1898
Yesterday afternoon a meeting of the Amateur Cup Committee was held at the Football Association Offices, 61 Chancery-lane, London, Mr. G.S. Sherrington presiding. The other members present were Messrs. A. Davis, A.W. Francis, P.A. Timbs, R. Walker, Jack Howcroft, Robert Edward Lythgoe, W. Pickford, and Frederick Wall (sec.).

The chief business was the draw for the third round of the Cup Competition, which was made as follows: –
Uxbridge v Wycombe Wanderers. Referee, Captain W. Simpson, London.
Old Malvernians v Chesham Generals. Referee, Mr. E.G. McDonald, London.
Thornaby v Darlington. Referee, Mr. A. White, Newcastle-on-Tyne.
Casuals or Old Etonians v Middlesbrough or Thornaby Utopians. Referee, Mr. J. Adams, Birmingham.

To be played on the grounds of the clubs first named, on Saturday, February 26. Kick off not later than 3.15 p.m.

In the evening the Consultative Committee met – Mr. J.C. Clegg presiding. The following draw was made: –

Association Challenge Cup – Competition Proper – Third Round.
West Bromwich Albion v Nottingham Forest. Referee, Mr. John Lewis, Blackburn. Linesmen, Messrs. J. Cooper, Blackburn, and Earlam, Davenham.

Bolton Wanderers v Southampton. Referee, Mr. A.J. Barker, Newcastle-under-Lyme. Linesmen, Messrs. Robert Edward Lythgoe, Liverpool, and F. Townsend, Walsall.

Derby County v Newton Heath or Liverpool. Referee, Mr. Aaron Scragg, Crewe. Linesmen, Messrs. P.A. Timbs, London, and A. Davis, Marlow.

Burnley v Stoke or Everton. Referee, Mr. J. Brodie, Wolverhampton. Linesmen, Messrs. W.R. Taylor, Bolton and T.H. Gregson, Bolton.

To be played on the grounds of the clubs first named on Saturday, February 26. Kick off not later than 3.30 pm.

Everton and Stoke replay their drawn game in the second round on Thursday, at Liverpool. Liverpool and Newton Heath meeting on the previous day.

It was decided that the kick-off for the final tie at the Crystal Palace, on April 16, should take place at half past three pm.
(Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough: February 15, 1898)

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