A good week for Liverpool

April 2, 1898
Liverpool have quite excelled themselves during the past week. Three League points out of a possible four, all at the expense of Bury, is a most uncommon performance for Liverpool, and they wouldn’t in the least mind repeating the dose before the curtain is drawn down upon the present season.

In the return match with Bury at Anfield, on Thursday night, we were introduced – one might say reintroduced – to one of Liverpool’s latest star captures – Barney Battles. Battles, it will be remembered, helped Liverpool considerably in the “Test matches” a few seasons back, so that he is no stranger to Liverpool.

His display against Bury was by no means startling, but it was evident that he was in anything but fit condition to play, and when he gets fined down somewhat, he will doubtless reproduce that form he is known to possess.

The Liverpool directorate are making a laudable effort to improve the fighting strength of their team. That the team sadly stands in need of strengthening the results of the past few months strongly testify, and that the new men will accomplish the desirable object is generally expected.

The new players secured up to date are – Hugh Morgan, inside left, from St. Mirren; Barney Battles, right half, from Dundee, and Tom Robertson and John Walker, the famous left wing pair of the Heart of Midlothian.
(Lancashire Evening Post: April 2, 1898)

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