Nuggets from Cricket and Football Field (May 7, 1898)

May 7, 1898
** Alex Raisbeck is having a tall wage from Liverpool. Stoke would not pay it, although they are taking on Thomas Hyslop of Glasgow Rangers.
** Fred Geary did not fancy charging Bill Foulke. Why should he? Had he done so he would have been done, so that’s the reason why, my boys, he left him all alone.
** So Archie Goldie remains after all, and Liverpool are to be congratulated on retaining him. His speed, tackling powers, and great resource are not surpassed by any other back in the League.
** Will Robert Colvin, of Liverpool, ever rise to First league football form? He is young, can sprint and centre, but little men in the attacking line are severely handicapped, and he lacks in physique, if his name is to become as widely known as Johnny Holt.
** The news that the new Tottenham secretary has secured the signature of Harry Bradshaw, of Liverpool, comes as a surprise, for we heard quietly that both he and John Holmes were bound for New Brighton.
(Cricket and Football Field: May 7, 1898)


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