Tottenham Hotspur with sensational wages

Thursday, May 12 – 1898
The talk in English football circles centres on the extension of the League, and the raid by the Southern clubs on the northern dovecots. The wages promised to players by Tottenham Hotspur Club are sensational. Some of those published are as follows: James McNaught, of Newton Heath, at £50 down and £4 10s a week; Harry Erentz, of Newton Heath, at £30 down and £3 15s a week; Kenneth McKay, of Sheffield United, £25 down, £4 10s in winter and £3 10s in summer; James Melia, of Sheffield United, £4 winter, £3 summer. Some of the other clubs are also competing for players, and are quoting big prices. Several players reported to be engaged have denied that this is so, the most notable case being that of Jack Robinson, the international goalkeeper, and a Jack Bell, of Everton.
(Edinburgh Evening News, 12-05-1898)

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