Football League – Fixture list – 1898/1899

Friday, May 27 – 1898
The principal item of interest, in connection with the annual meeting of the League club secretaries, held yesterday at the Tavistock Hotel, Convent Garden, London, was the adoption of the Fletcher system of bringing clubs into rivalry.

From the list appended, it will be seen how well the system works. The First Division has been increased from 16 to 18 clubs, the Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United being included in next season’s list, whilst in the Second Division, out of eight applications, New Brighton Tower, Barnsley, and Glossop North End were accepted.

The following list is subject to be altered during the next 14 days, but in the event of any new fixtures, due notice will be given. The following is the list of fixtures in the First Division of the League: –

1898 Fixtures 1 1898 Fixtures 2 1898 Fixtures 3 1898 Fixtures 4 1898 Fixtures 5 1898 Fixtures 6 1898 Fixtures 7 1898 Fixtures 8 1898 Fixtures 9 1898 Fixtures 10 1898 Fixtures 11

(Manchester Courier, 28-05-1898)

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