Murmurs from the Mersey (September 17, 1898)

September 17, 1898
The danger signal mentioned in my last week’s notes as shining brightly at Sunderland, was unfortunately unnoticed by the Liverpool champions, and naturally a smash-up was the result. Fortunately no lives were lost, but what is of almost equal importance in the eyes of many Liverpudlians, two valuable points were dropped. In running Sunderland to a goal on their new and model enclosure, Liverpool gave further evidence, if evidence were needed, of their smartness and ability, and when in addition it is remembered that for well on for half the game the Anfielders were only able to face their rivals with a complement of ten men, one is inclined to give them credit for a brilliant performance. It was really surprising the amount of confidence Liverpudlians had in their team to beat the Stars of the North, and, whilst on this occasion it was not quite realised, it cannot be said that it was in the least shaken. Liverpudlians expect great things from their team, and if they continue to perform as they did at Sunderland it will not be long before the many good things are realised.
(Source: Lancashire Evening Post: September 17, 1898)

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