John Houlding: A Lord Mayor of sport

October 29, 1898
The Lord Mayor of Liverpool (Alderman John Houlding) performed the ceremony of reopening the bazaar in aid of the funds of the Burnley Football Club, in the Mechanics’ Institute, Burnley. Mr. John James Bentley, president of the Football League, presided.

In an address he said he thought the Burnley men were deserving of great credit for the plucky way in which they had accomplished an uphill task in regaining admission to the First Division of the League after having once more relegated to the Second Division.

Alderman Houlding said outdoor athletic had been the favourite pursuit of the youth of our country in all ages. It had been well said that the battle of Waterloo was won on the cricket fields of England, because the game of cricket and other outdoor sports gave Englishmen the stamina to fight any opponents, to to travel and colonise anywhere.

He regarded it as a duty to encourage the rising generation in all athletic pursuits, and to assist in the development of those games which had helped to make England what she was today. He was pleased to notice the increasing interest ladies were manifesting in the game of football.
(Walsall Advertiser, 29-10-1898)

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