Liverpool v Preston North End

November 14, 1898
These keen rivals met on the ground of the Liverpool Club on Saturday in bad November weather before a crowd of some 15,000 spectators. The home lot had the wind in their favour, and North End were at once forced to act on the defensive. Still the Reds did have all the best of the play, for Dunn and Blyth on several occasions placed their forwards in a position to do capital work, but they failed miserably when in front of goal. The Anfielders, on the other hand, were not particularly clever in field work, but once they got into close quarters there was no doubt about what they meant. Consequently McBride, Dunn and Taite had a lot to do with the efforts of Robertson, Walker and Allan, each one of whom rained in hard shots. At last Morgan, from the goal line, sent in a smart shot and beat McBride. An appeal for offside was ignored, nit the referee unhesitatingly awarded a goal. This was after seventeen minutes’ play. Again Liverpool went to work with a will, and Dunn and his companions were kept busy, while at the other end Storer and his backs were almost spectators. The play continued in this strain until ten minutes before half-time, when Allan ran on from an apparently off-side position and scored. This was all that was done up to half-time, when the score stood: Liverpool, two, Preston North End, nil.

The second half was a bit more favorable to Preston, but still they never shaped at all like a winning team. Pratt went on the wing and Murray took the centre position. The change worked a bit better, but still the centre half Russell was miserably poor, and thus let in Liverpool time after time. After the second portion had been in progress some few minutes, Robertson sent his men along all in a line, and Walker, in front of goal, passed, and before Dunn could get at Morgan he had netted the ball. The North End now went to work with a spirit of desperation, and, time after time, Storer was reached; bit it was not until the game ad only some five minutes to go that Murray burst away and sent in Chalmers, succeeding in rushing past Storer. This was all the scoring, and Liverpool won by three goals to one. Referee Mr. Thomas, Burnley.

Liverpool: Harry Storer, Tom Wilkie, Billy Dunlop, Rab Howell, Alex Raisbeck, Thomas Cleghorn, George Allan, Andy McCowie, John Walker, Hugh Morgan, Tom Robertson.
Preston North End: Peter McBride, Hugh Dunn, Sandy Tait, William Eccleston, David Russell, Bob Blyth, Peter McIntyre, Jimmy Blessington, Tom Pratt, Paddy Murray, Jimmy Chalmers.
(Source: Sporting Life: November 14, 1898)

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