Meeting of the Football Association (November 14, 1898)

November 14, 1898
Last night Mr. J.C. Clegg (Sheffield) presided over a full Council meeting of the Association at 61 Chancercy Lane. A previous resolution of the Council to the effect that a professional may not practice with any club but for the one for which he is registered was rescinded, and a new one was passed to the effect that he may now do so, subject to the consent of the Council.

Permission was granted for the following players to practice on grounds other than the ground of their club: Harry Stafford and John Jones (Newton Heath), to practice with Crewe Alexandra; J. Draycott and Arthur Brookfield (Crewe Alexandra), to practice with Stoke; J. Stewart Stockport County), to practice with Liverpool; H. Knott (Aston Villa), to practice with Berwick Rangers; W.J. Rowley (Stafford Rangers) to practice with Stoke.

Mr. Charles William Alcock (vice-president) was elected a member of the Emergency Committee. Leicester Fosse were granted further time to pay a fine of £10 inflicted upon them in the case of Clarke and Billy Rowley.

Mr. Haigh moved that the secretary of the Football Association convey the hearty congratulations of the Council to Alderman W.E. Clegg on his election as Lord Mayor of his native city. He also referred to the great interest Mr. Clegg took in the game, and to his having played against Scotland in 1873. Mr. Alcock seconded the motion and remarked that he was probably the only member of the Council, except the Chairman, who remembered Mr. W.E. Clegg in his active days. Football never had a keener supporter, and the Council had to congratulate itself an also Sheffield on the selection. The resolution was carried unanimously.

The question of the penalty kick again arose upon letters received from referees and others as to whether the circular issued last February governed law 10, which awarded a free-kick for pushing, charging behind, tripping, kicking, and holding. The circular stated that for unintentional pushing, holding and charging in the back by defending player within his twelve yards line, the referee should award a free-kick- Briefly, the question was whether there could be such things as accidental offences punishable by a free-kick- It was decided to draw the attention of those asking for information to the February circular, as it contained the view of the Council held in the past, but the whole matter will be placed before the International Board between now and next season.

Permission was granted Stockton to present their players with medals for being Northern League champions for the season 1897-98.

With regard to several applications asking that the regulations of the Football Association be modified in Charity Associations, the Council took no action.

Permission was given the R.E.T.B. to change their name to Royal Engineers’ United. Rochdale and Accrington Stanley were elected to membership.

The Welsh Association asked the Football Association to recognise their right to call upon Welsh players who are members of English clubs to take part in international matches. It was unanimously agreed that the request be not acceded to. The Stoke Football Club Company wrote, with reference to their power to issue further share capital to be called preference shares, the holders of which should be entitled to a cumulative preference dividend. It was decided that preference shares may be issued with a cumulative preference dividend not exceeding 5 per cent. for a period not exceeding three years, but no club may issue more preference shares than the amount of their ordinary shares.

The action of the secretary was approved in giving consent for the following benefit matches: Folkstone for George Marks; Wellingborough Town for F. Davies; Glossop North End for W.H. Gee; Bolton Wanderers F.C.V.A. Theatrical Company for the Bolton Infirmary Institute; Rovers F.C. for the parents of the late C. Coomber.

The following combinations were sanctioned: I Zingari Football League; South London Thursday League; Preston and Blackburn Thursday League; South Birmingham League; Younger Cup Competition; West Midland League; the Rawcliffe Chorley Hospital Charity Cup; North Somerset League. It was decided to decline to allow the area of the Southern Suburban League to be extended from ten to fifteen miles from the Crystal Palace, on the ground that such extension would interfere with existing competitions already controlled and sufficiently provided for. It was agreed that the number of the clubs be increased from 16 to 26.

The League and the Redhill F.C. are to be called upon to give explanations why the club joined the League when it was outside the prescribed area. In reply to a letter from the Southampton F.C. the Council decided that it was not permissible for telephone wires to cross the field of play. Private Smith, on joining the Royal Scots Fusiliers, was reinstated as an amateur.
(Source: The Scotsman: November 15, 1898)

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