The Shakers in great form

November 21, 1898
These Lancashire clubs met on the ground of the muffs, at Gigg Lane, Bury, in their first League match of the season, on Saturday. The day was fine, the ground good though soft, and there would be fully 7,000 spectators present. Liverpool kicked off, facing the breeze, and were subjected to a vigorous attack, Storer saving three splendid shots from Sagar, McLuckie and Settle. Dunlop and Raisbeck showed splendid defence, and Liverpool were rarely dangerous. From a splendid run Settle shot finely, but Storer saved superbly at the expense of a corner, which was not improved upon. Settle was badly fouled, and the Liverpool goal had another narrow escape, Sagar just heading over. Again Bury attacked, McLuckie shooting in, and Storer fisted the ball against the bar, but it was luckily cleared after an exciting struggle. Allan was again offside, and was cautioned by the referee for a display of temper. The game progressed at a great rate, in fact all the first half was over and neither could claim superiority, for the whistle sounded with a clean sheet.

Liverpool restarted, and with the wind behind them pressed more, but Montgomery was not troubled. Settle was twice fouled, and Bury also had a corner kick, but met with stubborn defence. Walker, after a free kick, made a clever shot just wide, but Bury attacked again, Settle scoring grandly. Bury made a dashing assault now, Storer saving splendidly from Kelly. Liverpool pressed now, Howell shooting finely, Montgomery saving. McLuckie showed clever play, Settle scoring again splendidly. Liverpool were now more aggressive, forcing two corners, and Walker and Raisbeck made brilliant shots. Montgomery and Ross clearing. Bury were more methodical, and after a bustling attack Storer was beaten again, Kelly giving the final touch. Bury were the smarter team now, and pressed Liverpool at all points. Another corner was gained, Ross shooting inches wide. Liverpool made a strong attack but were beaten off. Result: Bury, three; Liverpool, nil.

Bury: Archie Montgomery, Joe Leeming, Tommy Davidson, Jack Pray, Joe Clegg, George Ross, William Brimblecombe, Jimmy Settle, Jasper McLuckie, Charles Sagar, Michael Kelly.
Liverpool: Harry Storer, Tom Wilkie, Billy Dunlop, Rab Howell, Alex Raisbeck, Thomas Cleghorn, George Allan, Andy McCowie, John Walker, Hugh Morgan, Tom Robertson.
(Source: Sporting Life: November 21, 1898)

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