Can Liverpool win the League?

Tuesday, January 3 – 1899
The Liverpool football team have paid two visits to Sheffield in rapid succession, and the city has had no reason to rejoice over their presence.

They took two points away from Olive Grove on Saturday, and yesterday they treated Sheffield United nearly as badly as they had treated Wednesday.

The two matches were the last of a series of five played away from home, and out of these five matches the Liverpool men have made nine points. This is indeed a brilliant record, and those who saw the team on Saturday or yesterday will agree that they have thoroughly deserved their success. There are several stars of great lustre in the eleven – notably the two powerful full backs and the aggressive centre forwards; but there is not a man who is not well worthy of his place.

Is it possible that the formidable Liverpool eleven may gain the Championship? (Sheffield Independent, 03-01-1899)

Olive Grove (from Sheffield Evening Telegraph, February 24 – 1894)
Olive Grove 1894

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