Liverpool v Everton 2-0 (League match: January 21, 1899)

January 21, 1899
Match: Football League, First Division, at Anfield, kick-off: 15:00.
Liverpool – Everton 2-0 (1-0).
Attendance: 28,000.
Referee: Mr. A.J. Barker; linesmen: Messrs. W. Smalley and W. Gilgryst.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Harry Storer (C); Archie Goldie, Billy Dunlop; Rab Howell, Alex Raisbeck, William Goldie; John Cox, John Walker, George Allan, Hugh Morgan, Tom Robertson.
Everton (2-3-5): Willie Muir; William Balmer, George Molyneux; Richard Boyle, Jack Taylor (C), Ted Hughes; Jack Bell, John Proudfoot, Thomas Crompton, Edgar Chadwick, Jack Kirwan.
The goals: 1-0 Walker (10 min.), 2-0 Robertson (90 min.).

The return League engagement between these local rivals was played on Saturday last, at Anfield Road, and despite the unfavourable conditions that prevailed, every point of vantage was occupied long before the advertised time of commencing operations.

When the teams put on an appearance there would be fully 28,000 spectators present, and from an inspection of the ground it was quite apparent that the teams would experience the greatest difficulty in securing a foothold.

The state of the turf pointed to Everton being at a disadvantage, but still the ‘’Blues” had not previously been slow to make the most of chances that came their way, and there were many to be found that were confident of the Goodison-road party being quite capable of holding their own.

The executives of the clubs placed in the field what they considered the best exponents they had at command and at three o’clock the sides under the control of Referee Barker faced each other.

Play commenced, and Taylor winning the toss, secured for his side assistance of a slight breeze.

On Allan setting the ball in motion, Taylor pounced upon it and drove it over the home goal-line, but immediately following play was at the Everton end, which danger threatened until a free kick been awarded for a foul throw.

The game was beautifully contested and despite the heavy nature of the ground, the pace was maintained at a loud pitch. The home forwards, well backed up by their halves were seen to great advantage, and it required the best efforts of the Everton defenders to prevent them getting a shot at Muir.

Everton then had a turn, but a free kick given against Proudfoot spoiled a promising movement, and then, following a pretty sequence in which Allan played a prominent part, Robertson missed one of the simplest chances of opening the scoring account.

For some time the Liverpool right wing pair menaced the Everton defenders, and it was not until Chadwick and Kirwan had succeeded in taking the ball to the other end, that the visiting backs had a respite.

Meanwhile Raisbeck and Howell had been contributing some solid work, and getting down again Cox whipped the ball across and on it gliding from Allan’s foot to Walker the last named player put it into the net after play had been in progress ten minutes.

Muir had no chance of saving, and on the ball being again set in motion the Everton custodian was beset with a shot from Walker though this time it was safely negotiated.

Matters then looked promising for Everton especially so when a free kick was granted in close proximity to the Liverpool goal. Chadwick however was unfortunate in having his shot charged down and following a smart attempt from Bell, Kirwan finished up by placing the ball wide.

In close following, Muir had to run out to prevent Morgan from getting possession, and Kirwan again got away, only to be fairly at the finish.

Directly afterwards, Proudfoot shot against a Liverpool back and a fruitless corner kick ensued.

Then followed a spirited attack on the home goal, but strive as they would the visiting forwards could not get a shot in the right direction. Bell failed badly, and Boyle only just missed from a free kick.

The pressure merited an equalising point, but subsequently the Liverpudlians got underway again, and Muir brought off a magnificent save from Robertson. Liverpool maintained the advantage up to the interval, which they were leading by 1 goal to nil.

The sun shone out brilliantly when the teams reappeared, and the Everton players were considerably handicapped in having to face its glaring rays.

The Liverpool forwards immediately settled down to good work, and during the early stages Cox was at fault in not converting a fine cross shot from Robertson.

Raisbeck tried along one without success, and on the Everton right taking up the running a little feeling was shown by Bell and Goldie, which called for a lecture from the referee.

Getting to work again Crompton was a afforded a good opening, but shot badly and then followed some smart play by Chadwick and Kirwan, but against Howell and Goldie the pair could not make much progress.

Still the Everton forwards were often in possession, and on one occasion Crompton might have equalised had he not dallied.

Long pressure on the home goal was at length relieved by a powerful kick from Dunlop, which led up to Morgan testing Muir, who brought off a marvellous save low down at the corner of the net.

The Everton backs at this juncture were rather shaky, but fortunately disaster was averted, and then came the most brilliant shot seen so far in the contest.

Kirwan was the executant, and as Storer had one partially saved it, an opening was made for Proudfoot, but once again the chance was allowed to go begging.

A couple of corners kicks brought Everton no advantage, but further pressure followed though no avail.

In the closing stages the Liverpudlians exerted themselves, and a minute from time Cox dribbled past Hughes and Molyneux, to a short distance from goal, when he sent the ball across, and Robertson put it past Muir.

This was the last point scored, and Liverpool, who had played better football won by 2 goals to nil.
(Liverpool Mercury, 23-01-1899)

Match report from the Athletic News, Monday January 23 – 1899.
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Harry Storer, Liverpool (Lloyd’s Weekly News: December 1, 1895):


Tommy Robertson.
Tom Robertson 1900

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