Murmurs from the Mersey (January 21, 1899)

January 21, 1899
Liverpool brought off a fine performance at Wolverhampton, and, like their neighbours, Goodison-roadwards, they are now enabled to say to Aston Villa: “Look out mate; give us room to pass you.”

When we remember the Liverpool team of six weeks ago, and then take into consideration their recent performances, it is hard to believe that they are one and the same crowd. From aspirants for membership of the “wooden spoon brigade” they have blossomed into candidates for position amongst the “upper ten,” and if they had only done this a little earlier they would now have been showing the way to the Villa, and not toiling in their wake.

Today will prove whether their present all-conquering form has come to stay or not, as hard though some of their recent matches have been, they simply pale into insignificance when the task set them today is considered.

Everton, their dreaded and mortal rivals, tackle them in their own lair, and skin and hair are bound to fly.

Liverpool have been in strict training at Lytham, and of their most ardent supporters tells me that Everton’s doom is sealed.

An Everton supporter on the other hand, informs me that his team’s day has dawned, as his team, although they have not gone away to train for the match, are sure to wipe the floor with their rivals.
(Source: Lancashire Evening Post: March 21, 1899)

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