FA meeting (February 1, 1899)

February 1, 1899
A meeting of the Consultative Committee of the Football Association was held on Wednesday at 61, Chancery-lane, London, W.C., when the principal business was the making of the draw for the second round of the Association Cup competition.

Mr. J.C. Clegg presided.

The report of the proceedings of the Emergency Committee was read and adopted, and, the results of the first round of the Association Cup proper having been received, the draw for the second round took place as follows: –

Liverpool v Newcastle United. Referee: Mr. Aaron Scragg (Crewe); linesmen: Messrs. W. Bullock (Nantwich) and A.G. Hines (Nottingham).

Sheffield Wednesday or Stoke v Small Heath. Referee: Mr. J. Lewis (Blackburn); linesmen: Messrs. R. Birtwistle (Blackburn) and Hardisty (Middlesbrough).

Preston North End v Burnley or Sheffield United. Referee: Mr. A.J. Barker (Hanley); linesmen: Messrs. J. Conquer (Newcastle) and Robert Edward Lythgoe (Liverpool).

West Bromwich Albion v Bury. Referee: Mr. Arthur Kingscott (Derby); linesmen: Messrs. P.A. Timbs (London) and G.S. Sherrington (London).

Notts County v Southampton. Referee: Mr. J. Cooper (Blackburn); linesmen: Messrs. A: Davis (Marlow) and A. Green (West Bromwich).

Tottenham Hotspur v Sunderland. Referee: Mr. J. Fox (Sheffield); linesmen: Messrs. F. Bye (Sheffield) and J. Albert (Chatham).

Everton v Nottingham Forest. Referee: Mr. J. Adams (Birmingham); linesmen: Messrs. W.H. Bellamy (Grimsby) and J.C. Tillotson (Birmingham).

To be played on February 11th, the first-named club in each case to have choice of ground. Kick-off at 3 p.m.

The Chairman submitted a motion to the effect that sub-committee be appointed to consider and report upon the desirability of instituting a benevolent fund for deserving players and others.

It was decided to appoint a sub-committee to consider and report on the subject, consisting of Messrs. J.C. Clegg (Sheffield), C. Crump (Birmingham), G.S. Sherrington (London), D.B. Woolfall (Blackburn), John James Bentley (Football League), Charles William Alcock (London), and C.E. Hart (London).

Mr. C.E. Hart, the FA (Lloyd’s Weekly News: December 20, 1896).

The committees sanctioned an application approved by the local association and the Standing Orders Committee for the establishment of a junior challenge cup for Newbury.
(Nottinghamshire Guardian: February 4, 1899)

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