Appreciation for the the Liverpool F.C. Theatrical Gala

Friday, February 17 – 1899
Among those interested in local and charitable institutions the utmost satisfaction is felt at the success that attended the Theatrical Gala held at the Anfield ground of the Liverpool Football Club.

The precise financial results have not yet been announced, but sufficient is known to justify the belief that a substantial sum will be handed over to the treasurer of deserving institutions.

In fact for fun, numbers of those present, the excellency of all the shows, and the zest with which all sports were entered into, the opinion expressed on all hands that this year’s theatrical gala is the record one of the series.

In professional circular there has been interesting comparisons as to how the different turnouts were received.

It is generally acknowledged that, from a spectacular point of view, nothing could be more imposing than the fine cavalcade representing Hengler’s Circus, West Derby-road, of outriders in royal scarlet livery, splendidly equipped carriages, and beautiful horses.

Mr. Cross, with that experience and instinct of a naturalist that distinguishes him, contributed to the attraction by the representative collection that appeared in the procession.

Last night the different places of amusement were crowded, and the artistes who distinguished themselves in connection with the gala received much popular recognition.
(Evening Express, 17-02-1899)

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