England v Ireland 13-2 (International: February 18, 1899)

February 18, 1899
Match: International, British Championship, at Roker Park.
England – Ireland 13-2 (5-0).
Attendance: 13,000; gate receipts: £550.
Referee: Mr. Alex Hamilton (Scotland, Queen’s Park); linesmen: Messrs. Jack Howcroft and T.W. Gibson.
England (2-3-5): Jack Hillman (Burnley), Phil Bach (Sunderland), Billy Williams (West Bromwich Albion), Frank Forman (Nottingham Forest), Jimmy Crabtree (Aston Villa), Ernest Needham (Sheffield United), Charles Athersmith (Aston Villa), Steve Bloomer (Derby County), Gilbert Oswald Smith (Captain, Corinthians), Jimmy Settle (Bury), Fred Forman (Nottingham Forest).
Ireland (2-3-5): Jim Lewis (Glentoran), Jack Pyper (Cliftonville), Sam Torrans (Linfield), Jack Ponsonby (Distillery), Robert Milne (Linfield), Michael Cochrane (Distillery), Jimmy Campbell (Cliftonville), Johnnie “Toby” Mercer (Distillery), John Waring (Distillery), Jack Wattie  (Distillery), Joe McAllen (Captain, Linfield).
The goals: 1-0 Frank Forman (15 min.), 2-0 Fred Forman (20 min.), 3-0 Athersmith (25 min.), 4-0 Smith (32 min.), 5-0 Bloomer (40 min.), 6-0 Fred Forman (52 min.), 7-0 Settle (53 min.), 8-0 Settle (55 min.), 9-0 Smith (59 min.), 10-0 Smith (60 min.), 11-0 Smith (63 min.), 11-1 McAllen (penalty, 65 min.), 12-1 Settle (80 min.), 12-2 Campbell (88 min.), 13-2 Bloomer (89 min.).

England played in white jerseys and dark knickers. Ireland in bright blue jerseys and white pants.
** Jim Lewis saved a penalty a minute into the second half from Smith.

Sam Torrans, Linfield (Dundee Evening Telegraph: January 28, 1898).

Jack Hillman, Burnley F.C. (Lancashire Evening Post: December 3, 1898).

Jimmy Crabtree, Aston Villa (Lloyd’s Weekly News: February 3, 1895):

Charles Athersmith, Aston Villa (Lloyd’s Weekly News: November 6, 1892):

Gilbert Oswald Smith, Corinthians (Sporting Life: April 5, 1897):


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