Jimmy Ross transferred to Manchester City

Friday, February 24 – 1899
Mr. S. Ormerod, secretary of the Manchester City Football Club, with other officials of the club, to-day had an interview with Jimmy Ross, of the Burnley Football Club, and obtained his signature to a League form to play for the Manchester club. Ross, whose brother was the lat N.J. Ross, famous as a full back of football as a forward with the Preston club about twelve years ago.

Since then he has been a member of the Liverpool Football Club, and he was transferred to Burnley at the end of the season 1896-7, when the East Lancashire club was anxious to win the test matches in order to keep in the First Division. Burnley did not succeed then, but they only remained in the Second Division for a year, as at the end of last season they won their way again into the First Division.

Ross will be eligible to play for Manchester City in their match with Barnsley at Hyde-road to-morrow week, and he will in all probability make his first appearance for his new club on that day. Arrangements for the transfer of Ross have been made with the Burnley club. The new player’s proper position is inside right, and he and Meredith ought to make a magnificent wing.
(Manchester Evening News, 24-02-1899)


Friday, February 24 – 1899
For a fortnight rumours have been in circulation that Jimmy Ross was to be transferred to Manchester City, and the fact that the Burnley skipper, who was ill, was not in the team, coupled with the fact that a prominent official of the Manchester club had been seen in Burnley seemed to point to the possibility that there was some truth in the rumour after all.

When one sees a certain portly gentleman well-known in football circles about one may be pardoned for jumping at conclusions.

The above par was in type on Thursday evening. The fact that Ross was actually transferred to the City yesterday shows that I was not far off the mark.

The rumour was mentioned in this column last week, but I said the statement “lacked official confirmation.”

It is reported that the transfer fee amounts to £160. Ross, who dons the Burnley jersey to-day, will appear in the City ranks next Saturday against Barnsley.
(Burnley Express, 25-02-1899)


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