Meeting of the Theatrical Football Gala

April 12, 1899
A meeting of the General Council of the recent annual Theatrical Football Gala at Liverpool was held on Wednesday evening at the Alexandra Hotel, Dale Street, under the chairmanship of Alderman John Houlding (ex-Lord Mayor of the city), the president. From the accounts submi9tted by Mr. Tom Bush, honorary treasurer, it appeared that the total receipts amounted to the sum of £829 4s. 8d., the principal items of income being £244 5s. 3d. as cash taken at the gates; money from collecting boxes, entertainments and sales on the grounds, £150 12s. 3d; donations, £63 17s. 6d; collecting cards, £29 17s. 7d; proceeds of sale of three £5 bank notes, £109 4s. 7d; and proceeds of Doll Exhibition, £85 4s. 6d.

The expense amounted to £157 17s. 8d, thus leaving a balance of £646 7s. Out of this sum grants were made as follows:
* To the Bootle Hospital, Liverpool and Bootle Police Orphanage, the Actors’ Benevolent Fund, and the Music Hall Artistes’ Benevolent Fund, £25 each;
* To the Musicians Union, £5.
Total: 105.

On the motion of Mr. Lewis Peake (senior vice-chairman) and Mr. Tom Bush (treasurer), it was decided that of the sum remaining £250 should be contributed to the Stanley Hospital, and £250 to the Consumption Hospital. This leaves a balance of between £10 and £50 carried forward.

Alderman John Houlding, as a vice-president of the Stanley Hospital, congratulated the committee on this excellent result of their efforts, and returned thanks for the handsome gift to the hospital in which he was so deeply interested.

Subsequently, votes of thanks were heartily passed to Miss Vera Tilley and her husband Mr. Walter de Frece, for the very valuable assistance they gave in various directions to enhance the success of the gala; to Messrs. Thomas Preston, Hugh Massey and McInnes for the gifts of £5 notes; to Mr. Fred Norbury and the gentlemen who lent vehicles and were engaged in the processional work; to the tradesmen who had generously given prizes and donations; to the members of the sub-committees; and, indeed, to everybody who had been directly associated either officially or unofficially with the gala. Thanks to the president concluded the proceedings.
(Source: The Era: April 15, 1899)

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