Newcastle United F.C.: The annual meeting of 1899

May 25, 1899
The annual meeting of the shareholders of the Newcastle United Football Company, Limited, was held at Newcastle on Thursday, and was characterized by harmony and good feeling. Mr. William Nesham occupied the chair, and in the course of his remarks said he though they would have next season at St. James’s Park one of the best, if not the best, football grounds in the country.

The balance sheet, he thought, spoke for itself, and the profit was a very pleasant one to look at. The report and balance sheet were adopted, but it was stated that until the permission of the Football Association is received it would not be possible to pay, as is proposed, the dividend for the two years in arrears.

Messrs. G.G. Archibald, J. Bell, Louis Zollner, and James Lunn were elected directors. Mr. Nesham announced that it had been decided to raise the price of the season tickets for next season. The reserved portion of the directors’ stand would be 30s., instead of 25s., as before, and the seats would be reserved. For the unreserved portion of the directors’ stand the season tickets would be sold at 21s. and for the other stands the charge for the season would be 15s; boys and ladies half-price.

There was a long discussion on this proposal, and eventually the subject was allowed to drop. Mr. Watt, in reply to a question, said the players signed on for next season were: Matt Kingsley, Billy Lindsay, Alex Gardner (Third Lanark), Thomas Ghee, John Ostler, Willie Higgins, Andy Aitken, Joe Rogers, Jimmy Stevenson, Jack Peddie, Sandy Macfarlane, Tom Niblo, Willie Wardrope, Charles Watts, Ted Birnie, Lacy, Proctor, Colin Veitch, Jack Carr, Kelly, Smoult, William Simm, William Milne, Thomas Lamb, John Harvie, and Jimmy Collins.

Mr. Turnbull answered the part of a question as to what was being done in the direction of securing new players, but did not give much enlightenment, nor did he hold out hopes of particular brightness when he said he “was almost sure that before another season began they would have signed on more than one first-class man whom they thought they needed, and whom he thought they could secure.”

Before the meeting closed there was some discussion on the subject of stand accommodation, but the meeting accepted the assurance of the chairman and directors that the alterations at present being made would meet with general satisfaction. A cordial vote of thanks to Mr. Nesham for his conduct in the chair closed a successful and interesting gathering.
(Source: Athletic News: May 29, 1899)


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