Footballer burgled in 1899

Friday, May 26 – 1899
Billy Dunlop
, the famous back of the Liverpool team, who lives in Liverpool has been visiting Hurlford, near Kilmarnock, taking a holiday. He does not appear to have informed the police of his absence, but asked the next door neighbor to keep an eye on his house during his visit to Scotland. About half past seven o’clock on Friday night the neighbor discovered that the house had been forcibly entered, the drawers ransacked, and everything was “topsy-turvy.” Information was at once given to the police, and Detective Constable Duckworth made a visit of inspection. As Dunlop has not returned to Liverpool the extent of the robbery is not known. It is surmised that several silver cups, and silver and gold medals won by Dunlop in football competitions are among the booty carried off. A telegram was sent to Dunlop informing him of what had occurred. (The Dundee Courier and Angus, 29-05-1899)

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