Celtic F.C.: The annual meeting of 1899

June 7, 1899
Twenty minutes sufficed to dispose of the business of the annual meeting of the Celtic Club, which was held on Wednesday night under the presidency of Mr. McLaughlin.

The Chairman, in opening the proceedings, referred in touching language, to the death of Pat Gallacher, and at his suggestion a vote of condolence was passed with the widow.

The retiring directors, Messrs. Glass and Dunbar, were unanimously re-elected, and Mr. A. Glunan, the olf S.F.A. chairman, who has now given up the provision trade for the profession of accountant, was appointed auditor for the year.

It was annoced that all of last year’s team, with one exception, had been secured for next year; and that a benefit match had been granted Alex “Sandy” McMahon towards the end of August; £150 was voted to the directors for their services, and a dividend of 10 per cent on paid up capital declared.

The Chairman stated that the new covered stand, which would be the first of the kind in the kingdom, would be ready in August, when Celtic Park would accommodate 75,000. Refererence was made to the success of the team in winning the Scottish Cup, Charity Cup, and Glasgow League Championship, and reverting to the doings of the club since its inception Mr. Willie Maley stated that in elevn years the club had entered the Scottish final five times, won the Charity Cup six times, Glasgow Cup four times, Scottish Leaue Championship once.
(Athletic News: June 12, 1899)


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