Hammer clinking at Anfield

August 7, 1899
There is a re-awakening to life and activity at the Anfield Road Ground. The sleepy off-season is past, or nearly so; the dead time of the year – to the ardent footballer – is over; the time for action, the time for fun draweth nigh. And at Anfield Road preparations are making on an extensive scale.

Almost the whole of the cheaper stands will be re-constructed. Huge piles of planks on the ground make it look like a timber yard. On Saturday night we heard the hissing of the saw, and the merry clink of the hammer.

In these and other things the eye of the master was visible. Secretary Tom Watson has returned from his holidays, and is working off his extra energy in characteristic fashion by making the ground staff buck up.

The crowds who go to Anfield Road to see the first ball kicked off next month will find everything spick and span – stands renewed, ground rolled, fixture card attractive, team eager, and able to improve on their record of a season ago, and bring the English and League Cups to Liverpool.
(Source: Athletic News: August 7, 1899)