Liverpool F.C.: The annual meeting of 1899 (Athletic News)

August 14, 1899
The annual meeting of the Liverpool F.C. has just been held. It was what those disgusted individuals would call “a hole-and-corner business.” But everybody was there who had a right, with Alderman John Houlding, J.P.“King John of Everton” – in the chair, – And, really, when the harmony of the proceedings is compared with the wild behavior at Everton’s annual meeting, it is open to question whether, from some point of view, at any rate, a private football concern is not to be preferred to a public one.

Liverpool F.C. are not likely to invite outside subscriptions just yet. The management is composed of a few wealthy gentlemen who prefer shouldering liabilities themselves to inviting the public to share them. And the result has been entirely to their satisfaction up to date.

The team did splendidly last season, and hope to do still better next; income and expenditure cannot be stated, but the balance was sufficient to pay for the erection of an entirely new six-penny stand, which will be ready on the opening day; and the officials came out of the meeting with a smile of contentment on their faces and perspiring prosperity at every pore.
(Source: Athletic News: August 14, 1899)

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