Season preview 1899-1900: Liverpool F.C. (Sporting Life)

August 23, 1899
Everybody remembers the close fight Liverpool and Aston Villa had for the League Championship last season, and how the Brum club won on the post. Well, Liverpool are determined that their performance of last season shall be excelled this winter, and that they will secure the place of honour.

Mr. Tom Watson was quite satisfied with the construction of the team last season, and but few changes are to be made. In all, twenty-three players are engaged, and everyone is fit on reputation to play for a kingdom.

But here are the names, and then our readers will be able to judge for themselves: – Bill Perkins, Harry Storer, and Matt McQueen (goal), Archie Goldie, Billy Dunlop, General Stevenson, and Robert Maclaren (backs), William Goldie, Alex, Raisbeck, Charlie Wilson, Fred Uttley, and John Birchall (half-backs), John Cox, John Walker, Hugh Morgan, Tom Robertson, Abe Foxall, John “Sailor” Hunter, Peter Kyle, John Parkinson, Fred Geary, and David Wilson.

The men who have gone are Tom Wilkie, Robert Marshall, and Thomas Cleghorn. Everybody will miss the name of George Allan, the famous centre. He is suffering from a long complaint, and it is doubtful if he will play football again.
(Source: Sporting Life: August 23, 1899)


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