The Liverpool F.C. picnic of 1899

August 26, 1899
The annual picnic and sports of the Liverpool Football Club were held at the Victoria Pleasure Grounds, Ormskirk on Saturday. The party, which numbered about 60, included many of the Liverpool footballers, and Messrs. Tom Bush, John McKenna, Benjamin Bailey, William Coward Briggs Alex Nisbet, John James Ramsay, Richard H. Webster, Thomas Howarth, Tom Watson (secretary of the club), and Detective Inspector Bryson.

The waggonette drive to Ormskirk was, needless to say, much approved. Upon arrival a short programme of sports was proceeded with, the results being as follows: –

120 Yards Handicap. – J. Cox, scratch, 1; Kyle, 3 yards 2; and Raisbeck 1 yard 3.
440 Yards Handicap. – J. Cox, scratch, 1; Kyle, 20 yards, 2; and Raisbeck, scratch, 3.
Place Kick – Raisbeck, 1; Foxall, 2 and McLaren 3.
Dribbling Contest. – Geary, 1; Cox, 2; and D. Wilson, 3.

In the two races Cox showed exceptional running powers, winning the 120 yards event easy.

The officials were – Messrs. Tom Bush, John McKenna, and Benjamin Bailey, judges: Benjamin Bailey, handicapper; and William Coward Briggs starter. Refreshments were subsequently served in one of the buildings in the grounds. The arrangements were most satisfactory carried out, and were under the personal supervision of the ever-genial secretary, Mr. Tom Watson.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: August 28, 1899)

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