Friendly goal-sharing in Glasgow for Liverpool

September 5, 1899
The Rangers had what wind there was behind them, and playing a dashing game they were early very dangerous. A. Smith finding an opening about five minutes from the start with a shot that Perkins could not reach.
The visitors showed good style in their play, and Kyle broke through and equalised shortly after. Ten minutes from half-time Miller scored for Rangers. Half-time, Rangers, 2 goals; Liverpool, 1 goal.

In the second half both teams played a strong game, and the defence on both sides was seriously tested. In a rush for goal Hyslop received a bad kick on the foot, the seal of an old injury, and had to retire.
Up to the close the game was closely contested, but it was not till near he close that Liverpool equalised from a penalty awarded for Crawford handling inside the 12 yards area. Result: A draw of 2 goals each. The visitors played beautiful football, their new men McLaren and Kyle, showing all the makings of really first-class men, once they have a little more experience.

Glasgow Rangers: Willie Howden; David Crawford, John Drummond; Neil Gibson, William Dunlop, John Robertson; Jimmy Millar, John McPherson, Robert Hamilton, Thomas Hyslop, Alex Smith.
Liverpool: Bill Perkins; Robert McLaren, Billy Dunlop; Charlie Wilson, Alex Raisbeck (C), William Goldie; John Cox, John “Sailor” Hunter, Peter Kyle, Hugh Morgan, Tom Robertson.
(Edinburgh Evening News: September 5, 1899)


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