Berry helps Storer obtain his license

September 8, 1899
At Liverpool Licensing Sessions yesterday, when Harry Storer, public house manager, 123 Bamber-street, applied for a renewal, Mr. A. T. Davies objected on the ground that the applicant (one of the goalkeepers of the Liverpool Football Club) had another calling incompatible with the oversight of a public house. Mr. Davies further submitted that the hero worship attached to professional footballers made it desirable that footballing, against which he had nothing to say, and public house management should be dissociated. The applicant was called and said he played in 27 League matches last year. He took Saturday afternoon as his weekly half holiday, and the brewery would send a man down to assist his wife whenever asked if he was away playing or at practices. By Mr. Edwin Berry: Out of 24 members of the Liverpool team only applicant and Fred Geary were connected with public houses. The Chairman said applicant was evidently providing another means of livelihood for himself and family in view of the termination of his football days – (Mr. E. Berry: That is just the case.) – and the license would be renewed. Mr. Davies thereupon withdrew a like objection to Fred Geary’s renewal, which being on all fours with Storer’s case, was also granted.
(Manchester Evening News: September 9, 1899)

Harry Storer, Liverpool (Lloyd’s Weekly News: December 1, 1895):


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