Liverpool were overtrained

September 9, 1899
Liverpool, like their Everton brethren have started their season’s account with an entry on the debit side thereof.

Stoke, represented as they were by a team in which highly paid players were supposed to be strangers, were looked upon as ready victims for the gallant lads in red, but as per usual expectations was doomed to disappointment.

Good old expectation!

The season is not very old, but he is already in the best of form.

Liverpool were minus A. Goldie and Walker, thanks to the tender treatment they received in the final practice match with the reserve team, and an opportunity was thus afforded of trying “Sailor” Hunter.

The briny gentleman proved a great success, and is not at all unlikely to find a permanent place in the League team shortly, at least so the mythical little bird tells me.

Liverpool, I am told, were over-trained, and 20 minutes before the referee sounded, “close firing” had been praying for that luckless official to do so, in other words they were beaten, hadn’t a kick left in them.

The Anfielders are naturally greatly disappointed with their initial League effort, but their confidence is still unshaken, and only yesterday one of the players told me – but there, I am under promise not to repeat what I then heard. Besides, Aston Villa wouldn’t like it.
(Lancashire Evening Post: September 9, 1899)

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