From heroes to zeroes

September 16, 1899
And what about Liverpool! When one thinks of the many brilliant things accomplished by the Anfield heroes last season, and recalls their inglorious display against Sunderland, one finds tears a welcome relief to the feelings.

It would be utterly impossible to convince a stranger watching Liverpool for the first time that he was gazing upon what was last season the finest team in the League (apologies to Aston Villa).

On the other hand there would be little difficulty in convincing the said stranger that he was gazing upon one of the weakest teams in the League.

Such is football!

I feel sorry for Liverpool, truly sorry.

From the kick-off they were beaten, and beaten by a better team.

They never shaped like scoring, and I never remember to have seen them make a more wretched show.

Kyle and Hunter, of whom much was expected, were – . But no!

I will be charitable for once, and give them another chance.

That Liverpool displayed anything approaching their true form I will not for one moment believe.

With Walker back among the forwards, as back he will be today, better things may be looked for, and if they make a start against West Bromwich we won’t be sorry.
(Lancashire Evening Post: September 16, 1899)

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