Billy Dunlop’s benefit match at Anfield

September 19, 1899
Unfortunately for the success of this fixture the weather last evening was altogether against the pursuit of outdoor sport, and it was small wonder that only a few hundred spectators turned out to witness the contest between the above local teams.

The sides were of somewhat mixed character, and when they took the field they fared in the following order:
Liverpool: Harry Storer; Archie Goldie, Billy Dunlop, General Stevenson, Alex Raisbeck, William Goldie; John Cox, Charlie Wilson, David Wilson, John Parkinson, Abe Foxall.
New Brighton Tower: James Monks; William Dackers, Smart Arridge; John Holmes, Harry Hammond, Tommy Allison; Robert Colvin, Tommy Green, Cornelius Hogan, Tommy Tierney, Cullen.

New Brighton won the toss and took advantage of playing with the stiff breeze behind them.

This, however, availed them little, for the play was of a fairly even character, though most of the shots that required attention from the custodians favoured the home side.

The Cestrians’ left wing, Tierney and Cullen, put in several smart runs, but the finishing moments always lacked fire, and, consequently, Storer was not much troubled.

At the other end Monks was tested with several shots, notably from C. Wilson and Cox, and one save from the latter at full length was nothing short of brilliant.

Foxall also had a shie at goal without meeting with success, and at half-time nothing had been scored, though the balance of play slightly favoured the Liverpudlians.

Two 35’s had been decided upon, and immediately after the resumption D. Wilson ran the ball down, and parting to C. Wilson – erstwhile half and full-back of the reserve team and now playing inside right – the first goal was recorded, and a few minutes afterwards the same player put on a second point.

The Liverpool forwards made good use of the assistance afforded them by the strong breeze, and many ugly rushes were made on the Tower custodian, who repeatedly cleared in clever fashion, though on two occasions he was distinctly lucky in not having further goals scored against him.

C. Wilson again put the ball into the net, but was ruled offside, and for the greater portion of the remaining play the visitors were compelled to adopt saving tactics.

Occasionally their left wing broke away, but Storer was never in difficulties, and the game ended in a victory for Liverpool by 2 goals to nil.
(Liverpool Mercury: September 19, 1899)

Harry Storer, Liverpool (Lloyd’s Weekly News: December 1, 1895):


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