League matches

Liverpool v Everton 1-2 (League match: September 23, 1899)

September 23, 1899
Match: Football League, First Division, kick-off: 16:00.
Liverpool – Everton 1-2 (1-1).
Attendance: 25,000.
Referee: Mr. A. Scragg.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Bill Perkins; Archie Goldie, Billy Dunlop; Raby Howell, Alex Raisbeck, William Goldie; Jack Cox, John Parkinson, Charlie Wilson, Hugh Morgen, Tom Robertson.
Everton (2-3-5): Willie Muir; William Balmer, George Molyneux; Sam Wolstenholme, Richard Boyle, Joe Blythe; Jack Taylor, Jack Sharp, Wilf Toman, Jimmy Settle, Alf Schofield.
The goals: 0-1 Taylor (30 min.), 1-1 Robertson (35 min.), 1-2 Settle (78 min.).

The Liverton goals:
* A long kick by Blythe found A. Goldie at fault. The latter player had plenty of time to return the ball, but dallying he paid the penalty, as TAYLOR pounced upon him and securing the ball shot it into the net without giving Perkins any chance of saving play having been in progress close upon half an hour.
* Hands against Sharp brought them further advantage and from the free kick ROBERTSON raced through the backs and scored, thus being the result of the third movement towards the Everton goal.
* There were 20 minutes left for play, and success appeared to crown the efforts of the Evertonians when Settle was unfortunately ruled offside. Not to be denied, however, this player (SETTLE) immediately afterwards secured the ball from Taylor, and clashing between the backs sent in a last low shot which Perkins failed to reach the score being now two goals to one in favour of Everton with about twelve minutes to play.

Match reports:
** Athletic News: “Everton defeat Liverpool at Anfield.”;
** Liverpool Mercury: “Everton win at Anfield.”;



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