How Sam Raybould signed for New Brighton

Saturday, October 14 – 1899
New Brighton Tower indulged in a friendly with Bolton Wanderers, and beat them comfortably. They say they will do ditto when the meet them in the League tourney, but that of course, is quite another story.

New Brighton trotted out Sam Raybould, late of Ilkeston, to assist in the taming of the “Trotters,” and right well he conducted himself.

Quite a romance attaches to his capture.

When the New Brighton secretary, Mr. Bulmer, invaded Ilkeston a few days back, he found that the secretary of one of the most prominent League team was on the same quest.

Mr. Bulmer engaged a hansom to drive him to Raybould’s domicile whilst his rival pinned his faith to an old, moth eaten cab.

Result: – Mr. Bulmer had Raybould signed on and was enjoying a smoke when his rival rolled up.

It is not often that the hare and the turtoise theory pans out satisfactorily.

Moral: – Put not your trust in “growlers.”
(Lancashire Evening Post, 14-10-1899)

Sam Raybould, New Brighton Tower F.C.
Sam Raybould, Liverpool


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