Players holding the club to ransom

Saturday, October 21 – 1899
Liverpool are holding quite a series of “at home” to the wooden spoon party, and not a few of their supporters have been heard to declare that they are quite happy in their present position.

Two players recently dropped from the team are declared to be playing with the sole intention of obtaining a cheap transfer to a Scottish organisation; whilst not a few are looked upon as taking a greater interest in the bonus question than is compatible with the interest of the club.

It is childish, absurd, call it what you will, but it is to be wondered at that such wretched insinuations are given publicity?

Liverpool possesses one of the best-paid organisations in the League, and naturally expect value from their players, and value they should get.

The men are capable of better things, and it behoves them to show at once that our faith in their abilities is not utterly misplaced.

Pull yourselves together, my lads, and show the football world that the 8-0-8-0 business is all a wrong freak of fortune. In fact, you have the ability, I know.

Let the world know!
(Lancashire Evening Post, 21-10-1899)

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