George Allan – As a rule he was a scrupulous player

Monday, October 23 – 1899
No doubt to many the news of the death of George Allan, Liverpool’s late and great centre forward, came as a surprise. It is only six months since he was seen in his famous duel with Bill Foulke, the massive Sheffield United goalkeeper, in the historic replayed semi-final tie at Fallowfield. At the end of the season his apparently and sturdy frame and constitution betrayed weakness, and decay supervened with startling rapidity.

Tom Watson, the secretary of the Liverpool F.C., saw him only a fortnight ago, and described the transformation as truly shocking. He had in the course of a few short months sunk from a lusty youth to a stooping ecrepid, wizened, and prematurely old man.

Allan joined Liverpool in his nineteeth year, and under the tuition of a great master like Jimmy Ross he developed into about the best centre forward of the day, and not very much inferior to John Goodall and Hugh Campbell when in their prime. He was a wonderfully accurate and forcible shot.

His most dangerous aim was when he almost had his back to the goal. He would swing with a half-turn and give the ball a mighty crack with all his weight and force. Few goalkeepers could divine where this particular shot would drive, and even if they happened by chance to be in the right spot it was more by good luck than anything else if they succeeded in stopping it.

Allan was only 24 years old. As a rule he was a scrupulous player, but, like others, he occasionally took the prospects of defeat with a rather bad grace.
(Manchester Courier, 23-10-1899)

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