John McKenna og the search for players

Saturday, October 28 – 1899
Mr. McKenna, the Tyzack of the Liverpool team, is on the track of a new centre forward. Goodness knows we want one, and if that want is to be supplied Mac is the man to supply it.

His quarry is a Scotchman, at present figuring in a Southern League team, and it is certain that if the genial Mac lands the fish he has cast his net for, Liverpool will have every reason to congratulate themselves on the catch.

McLeod, the Queen’s Park centre, was quite recently angled for, but the hook has not yet been baited that will catach the Scottish international, and I’m afraid Anfield will never know McLeod.

I sincerely hope that Liverpool will have better luck in the South of England, as a centre forward is badly, very badly, needed.

If Mr. McKenna could, in addition to the centre, bring a couple of other forwards with him, we would bless him.

The present crowd are not exactly — but I’m forgetting those three goals against Notts County.
(Lancashire Evening Post, 28-10-1899)

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