The new stand at Celtic Park

Saturday, October 28 – 1899
The accompanying block of a handsome new stand opened by the Celtic Club at Parkhead, Glasgow, to-day, is taken from “Scottish Sport.”

The new stand has been in progress of construction for nine months, and will cost nearly £6,600. The stand is 70 yards long, 46 feet deep, and has seating accommodation for 2,000. The seats are tip-up chairs, upholstered in green leather.

In front the stand is fitted with glass windows, which can be raised a swell, and so make the structure entirely open. Access is gained by a covered entrance on the London-road side of the field, and there is a transfer gate admitting from the inside of the reserved enclosure.

It is expected that the various conveniences and new entrances, which will prevent all crushing, will bring a new set of followers to the game. Above the stand, reached by a special stair, is the Press-box and telegraph instrument room, both of which are fitted up in the best style.

The stand is undoubtedly the finest in the kingdom, and altogether is a credit to its enterprising owners.
(Lancashire Evening Post, 28-10-1899)

Celtic Park, Parkhead, Glasgow
Celtic Park, Parkhead, Glasgow

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