Liverpool and District Notes: November 6, 1899 (Athletic News)

November 6, 1899
Both our clubs have a loyal following, for even when doing so badly Liverpool always had a ten thousand and upwards “gate,” and now, when the teams are doing better, nearly double this number turn up at Anfield. They had plenty of fun for their money, and, on the whole, the home players gave a good account of themselves, and are evidently getting into form. They are not quite up to concert-pitch, and it is very doubtful whether last year’s brilliance will be reached at any time this season. There are weaknesses in other positions besides centre-forward, as a glance at the goals against column demonstrates. The defence has been shaky all through, and though this part of the team has improved with the rest, there is yet a lot of room for improvement. The fact is, a class back and half-back are badly needed. Like most teams who had had the unenviable distinction of holding the wooden spoon, Liverpool find some difficulty of getting rid of it for any length of time, and after a week’s absence it is returned to them – probably with thanks.
(Athletic News: November 6, 1899)


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