From horse haulage to electric car service

November 17, 1899
The Tramway Committee of the Liverpool City Council are rapidly perfecting the electric car service, and it may be predicted with confidence that within twelve months from now the old system of horse haulage will have entirely given way to the new system of electrical propulsion. Some difficulty is at present experienced in dealing with the very heavy traffic in Lord Street, but this will be obviated when more routes have been constructed and the traffic shall thus have been diverted.

Mr. C.R. Bellamy, who holds the responsible position of general manager of the undertaking, is evincing much energy and enterprise in meeting the demands of the public, and is introducing a very valuable improvement of his own which will practically do away with any danger to passengers going to or from the roof seats of the cars. A car of American type has been altered as to have what may be termed an “upper deck,” and which will accommodate, inside and out, over 100 persons.

This car, it is probable, will commence running on the Walton route on Saturday, and will help the department to cope with the great demands made upon it on the occasion of football matches. By Mr. Bellamy’s arrangement outside passengers can alight safely without having to stop the car before descending to the lower platform, and another improvement effected by a new style of staircase is that the platform is covered, this not only giving more accommodation but providing shelter for the conductors and drivers. As the inside and outside portions are not connected, the services of two conductors to each car will be necessary.

Mr. Bellamy is also introducing an improved route indicator, and each car will be fitted with electric light and bells. At the depot in Lambeth Road, which is a veritable hive of industry, a sample car to seat 56 passengers is being constructed. It also has an absolutely safe staircase. Six vehicles of this description are to be made at the works, and a number of others will be supplied to the order of the Tramways Committee at the Electric Railway and Tramway Works, Preston. Still another improvement is a lifeguard of rubber hose that will be attached to all the cars.
(Liverpool Mercury: November 17, 1899)

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