Pertaining to prominent players: Bill Foulke

November 18, 1899
Bill Foulke, Sheffield United’s 20st. goalkeeper, is a most popular player, although occasionally he brings upon himself a mild rebuke by pranks humorous of unpleasant, that is, for opponents.

Few football followers will have forgotten how at Anfield he showed his displeasure towards George Allan by standing him on his head. Only plucky forwards care to risk a charge with him.

Larry Bell, in his Everton days, suddenly inspired with a desire to emulate Don Quixete, ran full force against the Sheffield custodian.

As well tilt at a windmill as at Foulke; tradition tells that Foulke coolly stood still to receive the intended shock, and was next seen to bend over his fallen foe, and gently pickin him up in his powerful arms, hand him over to the trainer for repairs.

Still, he is good-tempered, genial fellow, liked by his fellow footballers everywhere, and a big favourite with spectators.

By far the heaviest man in League football, he is nevertheless exceedingly active, and, always on the alert, is bad to beat. He kicks and fists with tremendous power, and only a week ago, when the wind was at his back, he sent the leather direct to Arnott, who was in goal at the other end.
(Lancashire Evening Post: November 18, 1899)

Bill Foulke
William Foulke

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