Liverpool Reserves v Burnley Reserves 6-0 (League match: December 2, 1899)

December 2, 1899
Match: Lancashire Combination, at Anfield.
Liverpool Reserves – Burnley Reserves 6-0 (2-0).
Liverpool (2-3-5): Bill Perkins, William Goldie, Scott, Charles Satterthwaite, Abe Foxall, John Parkinson + 5.
Burnley (2-3-5): James Arnott; Jeremiah “Jerry” Reynolds, Howarth; Ross, Bannister, Jenkins; Jacques, Watkins, Swainston, Fairbarn, Savage.
The goals: 1-0 Parkinson (15 min.), 2-0 Scott (40 min.), 3-0 Goldie (50 min.), 4-0 Parkinson, 5-0 Parkinson, 6-0 Satterthwaite.

At Liverpool, before a small attendance. Liverpool kicked off, and had all theh best of the opening exchanges, the result being that in 15 minutes from the start Parkinson got his head to the ball, and scored a neat goal for Liverpool, which Arnott feebly attempted to clear. Slow play then ensured for a spell, and the interval was approaching when as an outcome of some clever forward play Scott was left in possession, and again Arnott had to confess himself beaten.

The visitors could not throw as much dash into their tactics as Liverpool. Time after time half-hearted attempts by them to invade were met and beaten the centre-line. Burnley was rather lucky to avert further disaster before half-time.

Half-time: – Liverpool 2, Burnley 0.

Within a few minutes of the resumption, Liverpool scored again, Goldie taking a pass from the right wing and put through with a low shot, which the Burnley goalkeeper mulled. The visitors then brightened up, but the home backs were always too good for the attack, and Parkinson ran a fourth goal through, following immediately with a fifth and Satterthwaite with a sixth. The visitors were completely overplayed.

Result: – Liverpool 6, Burnley 0.
(Lancashire Evening Post, 02-12-1899)

James Arnott, Burnley (Dundee Courier: October 11, 1897):

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