International Football Challenge Cup: An ambitious idea

December 30, 1899
An idea which has been born on the other side of the Channel is at least ambitious. Two or three seasons ago it occurred to a football club at Turcoing to set on foot an International Football Challenge Cup Competition, and under the patronage of the French Society of Athletic Sports the project was carried through.

The “Scottish Referee” tells us that:
“When the first attempt was made in 1897 the idea caught on so well that not only the provincial clubs in France went in for it, but those of Paris and Belgium as well, and several fine struggles for supremacy have been witnessed among them.

Those interested in the competition now wish to receive support from the British Isles, if possible, and beginning with the season of 1900-1901 they hope to find teams from the English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh Associations player for their trophy.

Should these hopes be realised, and the entries received, the trial game will, of course, be played at home, but the semi-finals and finals must be decided in France.

Besides the country, the game has already spread to Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and Holland, so that, should the tournaments receive support from our associations, it might do a great deal towards improving the play of Continental teams, and tend to popularise the sport in countries and districts where it is, as yet, practically unknown.

A well-known member of the Welsh Association has been asked to place the matter before the members of the other associations, and, for the sake of the game it is to be hoped that the project will receive kindly consideration at their hands.”

There would seem to be big difficulties in the way of such a scheme, but it is noteworthy as showing the interest in the game in other parts of the continent than those visited on the occasion of the recent tour.
(Lancashire Evening Post: December 30, 1899)

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