Flag at half-mast at the Memorial Grounds.

Saturday, January 6 ā€“ 1900
Bradshaw, the ex-captain of Thames Ironworks, whose sudden death is reported, was a brilliant player, his usual position being at outside left.

He originally played for Liverpool, and whilst assisting that team played for England against Ireland.

He subsequently joined the Tottenham Hotspur Club, whom he assisted throughout last season with marked success and ability.

The Thames Ironworks then secured his services, and he captained the team.

He was also a capable cricket coach.

There is some doubt as to the age of Bradshaw, but it is said he was thirty-two years of age.

He was very much liked and respected by all the players and followers of the Ironworks Club, for he was of a quiet and unassuming disposition.

The news caused quite a glook when it reached the Memorial Ground, Canning Town, and as a mark of respect for his memory the Ironworks team wore black armleys whilst playing their match against Gravesend United in the Thames and Medway Competition, the flag at the gates was lowered to half-mast, and immediately the news was received from Joyce, who is also an old Tottenham player, the committee and team sent a message of condolence to the widow.
(Tamworth Herald, 06-01-1900)

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