Preparations for the yearly Theatrical Gala

Friday, January 26 – 1900
A largely attended meeting of the general council entrusted with the arrangements for the annual theatrical gala, which takes place on the ground of the Liverpool Football Club (the use of which is freely granted), was held yesterday afternoon at the Alexandria Hotel, Dale-street, under the presidency of Mr. Joseph West, chairman.

The reports submitted bu the various committees showed that the plan of voluntary aid to various local and general  benevolent and charitable institutions was being carried out with earnestness, and with an almost certain prospect of excellent financial results.

Many of the ladies and gentlemen connected with the Liverpool theatres are taking up the scheme with a heartiness which reflects the highest credit on their generosity and self sacrificing spirit when charity is concerned. The greatest feature of the theatrical carnival will be a military display, the programme in this instance being largely in the hands of Captain Macnab, L.R.N.R., who has taken up this importance feature of the programme with great spirit.

In connection with the floral and sales committee, it has been arranged that the doll show (which proved so successful last year) will be continued in 1900, and for the information of intending exhibitors  it may be stated that the competing dolls will be received up til the 8th February at Messrs. Brown, Barnes, and Bell’s establishment in Bold-street, where the productions of the artists now connected with the pantomimes, as well as others, will be shown from the 12th to the 17th.

The sports programme, which necessitated a second day’s settlement of “heats” last year, has been considerably curtailed, but the events fixed will probably prove more interesting than they were at the last festival. Generous donations of money and goods are being received from tradesmen and others, and the hope is expressed that the carnival will prove one of the most helpful to the various institutions which will reap the benefit of a movement involving so much anxious labour.
(Liverpool Mercury, 27-01-1900)

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