Another successful Gala at Anfield in 1900

Thursday, March 15 – 1900
A meeting of the general council entrusted with the arrangements in connection with the annual Liverpool Theatrical Gala in aid of the funds of local and other charities recently held on the ground of the Liverpool Football Club, Anfield, took place yesterday afternoon at the Alexandra Hotel, Dale-street, under the presidency of Mr. Lewis Peake, one of the vice-chairmen of the council.

After the minutes of the previous meeting had been read and confirmed, it was stated that there was in the bank at present about £320, but the final balancing of the accounts, in view of the sums yet to be received, was left over until a future meeting. Mr. W.Allison, secretary of the prize committee, intimated that a sim of about £140 had been realised from the sale of tickets for the £5 note which had again been kindly given by Mr. Thomas Preston, Commucation-row.

The winner was Mr.H.Ashton, Walton. Mr.J.Roby, honorary secretary, in reply to a question, stated that he anticipated there would be a net profit from the gala of about £420 for allocation amongst the various charities. It was resolved to authorise the executive committee to call a meeting of the council at a date when the final statement of accounts would be presented and adopted. A vite of thanks to Mr. L. Peake for presiding closed the proceedings.
(Liverpool Mercury, 16-03-1900)

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